Mother’s Day

My mother is my wings. She keeps me in flight.
My mother is my guard, my security, that soft place in the night.
My mother is my strength to go on with any fight.
She’s my best friend, my mentor, my heart.
Happy Mother’s Day to all of you beautiful women who love and nurture your children.
I always knew my mom loved me, but not until I had my own child did I really understand.
So now on this day that we honor our mothers I think of all those who no longer have their moms.
How much they must miss the beautiful hand that always held their hand. What they wouldn’t give to speak, to seek advice, to listen to the voice of their mothers. I think of my husband and his loving mom. Her glistening blue eyes, her laugh, her words of comfort to him. I see the pain in his eyes, that missing piece in his heart. I think of my cousin who always keeps his heart in the cold, but oh how it pains me to see it warm with tears for his mother. I think of my three sweet friends who have lost their champion, a second mother to me, she was an angel who walked among us on earth.
Her smiling Irish eyes always filled with love and kindness. How I miss our weekly talks, so how are they able to bear her loss? Then somehow I know, she will bring them strength to get through this first Mother’s Day without her. My friend Jaime, she sees her beloved in butterflies, and still she speaks her heart knowing that her mother is listening.
To you and to all of them I say, keep her and your memories together in your heart. To those of us fortunate enough to have our mothers, I say cherish her and your time together. Seek her advice, talk, listen and love.
Happy Mother’s Day. May we all love and be loved.
I love you mom.

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