The fantasy gift





My child had a moving up ceremony on Friday. That’s because in our school district, Kindergarten to 2nd grade is in one building…3rd to 6th grade is in another. Sophia will be going to the “big” girl school in September. From what I hear it’s a lot less bright and cheery. Apparently, they treat the kids like they are no longer babies and expect more from them. I’m not sure if I like that idea. I think eight years old is still pretty young to be thrown into a more mature atmosphere but then again time will only tell.

After the moving up ceremony we celebrated with family, hit the beach and then had dinner by the water. It was a great day ending with lots of presents. Sophia received lots of wonderful gifts including a little mermaid kite from her grandmother, a new necklace and lots of books from her dad and I……but the gift she got from her aunt put the biggest smile on her face.

My sister got her a mermaid tail she can use at the pool. Sophia has always had a fascination with mermaids. The Little Mermaid has always been her favorite Princess. She always wants to know if mermaids are real. I usually say “I don’t know, what do you think? They may be real. They are magical!”
Her beautiful dark eyes widen and she responds with “of course they are mommy and one day I’m going to find out how to turn into a magical mermaid!”
The mermaid tail helps her use her imagination to live that magical fantasy.
Childhood in itself is magical and so are our children. I sometimes look at her and smile at my great luck!”
She is magic!
How do you feel about letting your child live a fantasy?

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