A gesture of kindness

2e6215d5a5dc158d2d2461de256e294dLast night I had a friend drag me out to an event I was not planning to attend. The past couple of weeks have been a very tough time for me. I’ve been going through a health scare with my mother and various other things. I’ve also come to certain realizations that are going to change my life dramatically. Suffice it to say that I have not been in a very social mood. Nonetheless my beautiful friend insisted that I go out for the evening and it was just what I needed!

My friends kindness made me think about how we impact each other as human beings. I thought about another girlfriend who has been going through an equally rough time with her father’s health. How can I help her? What can I do to bring her a moment of joy? A gesture that may seem so small can make a big difference.

Life can present us with many challenges. It’s easy to be caught up with our own pain and problems. Each one of us have our own story, our own journey in life. We are all so wrapped up in our own lives that sometimes we miss what’s going on in the lives of others around us.

f247f6bb842caa351045e35323fbd624Pain, fear, grief, loss, loneliness, depression, we’ve all gone through some of these feelings. Perhaps experiencing these emotions helps us feel compassion for others. It also reminds us what we can do. So look around you, maybe it’s your neighbor, an acquaintance, a friend, a sister or even a spouse.  Take time today, this week or this month to look closer and lend an ear or a shoulder for someone to lean on.

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I’m thankful for my friend Sine for encouraging me to go out. She helped me forget my worries for a few hours. It was the first time I had laughed in weeks. Thank you Sine for your love and friendship!

Do you know someone in your life that may be in need of a kind gesture? Ask yourself how you can help. Think of it as a kindness that you can do and then they can pay it forward.

What do you think? Make a comment, tell a friend, share my blog. Pay it forward.

1 thought on “A gesture of kindness

  1. To my dear friend Laila…we all have good days and bad, like we discussed earlier. At times when a little to much is thrown on your plate, its absolutely normal to just shut down and close yourself up to yourself, your family and the world. Its your bodies normal response. You hit this blog right on the button by expressing how important it is to be mindful of your surroundings. Alway keep your heart open and filled with love because there may be that certain someone close by that you can just sense needs that little “pick me upper.” Always go with your gut instinct because many times when that someone is down, they will usually say “I’m fine” which is ok. But if you can break them down, steal them for a moment to take them away from their head and those four walls where things just escalate it is the greatest gift you can give that someone. Yes at the end of the day, they most likely will return to those four walls, its their comfort zone. But, when they return their head will be lighter and they will go back with happier thoughts even if its for a limited time. You gave that person a mental vacay a “little light” along with reassuring thoughts that gives strength for later on to process whatever is going on at the moment in their lives. We are very fortunate to have the friends that we have in our lives. Each of us go through these difficult days/times. I always think back and am in complete awww on how my friends and family just seem to know when to steal me on my own down days. Its so special and the BEST gift to be so fortunate to have those angels around unconditionally while at the same time never being judged…..xoxo

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