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8391ca005059cb24320fe83ae7a4e797 I love the holiday season. Perhaps it’s all the lovely lights and decorations that are everywhere. Maybe it’s the festive music, the hustle and bustle, or maybe it’s just getting together with loved ones. It’s all really very enjoyable to me.


68af0252d1d8449b4f1f89acbfa47da5It seems like we are all running around getting our last minute gifts for the special people in our lives. I must admit, I love getting gifts. I appreciate things of beauty, luxury items, amazing trips. They are all really appealing to me but they don’t fulfill me. They add to my life. My relationships bring me happiness. When I get a gift that’s thoughtful by someone I love it means the world to me.

I think very hard when I buy a gift for someone I care  about. Recently I bought a little leather rocking chair for my nephew. It’s not something I would necessarily buy, I would much prefer to get him a chair that has some sort of sweet little stuffed animal concept to it. I bought the little leather rocking chair instead because that’s what brother had been talking about since his baby was born.


Making my brother happy is a gift in itself.232323232fp533;8_nu=3285_359_557_WSNRCG=3238_8_34793_nu0mrj

Last weekend he took my daughter out to brunch, just the two of them. It was really the first time he had spent alone time with her since he got married almost three years ago. That bit of time with her was such a beautiful gift. To give her his unconditional attention made her feel loved and special. The relationship that they have is a gift more special to her than anything one can buy. I know she will grow up and cherish that relationship.

It’s always been important to me to love and to be loved. Relationships have such value to us all. How we treat one another, how we listen to each other’s needs, the time we make to spend with one another, what we do to respond to each other makes or breaks our relationships. Having positive, loving relationships enhances our lives.

Sometimes relationships end, no matter how much we try. All we can do is to communicate our needs. If it’s met with a response that addresses our needs then that’s a relationship of value. If it is ignored, it’s no longer a relationship that adds value to our lives and we have to move on. It’s a sad occurrence but it’s a part of life.

Nevertheless, the most beautiful gifts we have are our relationships with our families and our friends. While you run about looking for that perfect gift, remember to give to your relationships. Give the gift of time, a smile, a kind word, a helping hand, a call just to say I’m hello, a shoulder to cry on. Those are the kinds of gifts that really matter. If you are out buying a certain gift for your loved one, make it a thoughtful one.

I hope you cherish and enjoy your gifts.


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