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I love watching my daughter grow. It’s such a privilege to be apart of helping form another human being. I love seeing her develop her friendships. She navigates so beautifully towards the right kind of friends. I’m thankful that she is not a “mean” girl. She has always been and continues to be a kind and considerate little girl. She is actually very picky about who she befriends. Her friends posses the same sweet qualities that she has.

IPAD 2015 1281Last week she had her first sleepover with her best friend. Watching them interact brought a smile to my face but it also broke my heart just a little bit. It just made me think of all the ups and downs she will experience with her relationships in her lifetime. Friendships are amazing. I know by my own experiences that I couldn’t have made it through life without my friends. I’m thankful for them all. But sometimes our closest friends can also be the ones capable of hurting us the most. I couldn’t help but think of what will happen between her and her best friend five years down the line. Then I snapped myself back to the present and decided to just enjoy watching them be happy little girls now.

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a present. I choose to live in the present.

Cellphone 2015 770The girls spent the day doing crafts and watching movies. Then they spent the night whispering and giggling well past their bedtime. My husband and I didn’t interfere with their fun. We let them stay up and enjoy the sleepover.

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The next day they were up at the crack of dawn, ready for a hearty breakfast. They giggled and told me how they got up and danced in the dark without our knowledge. It seemed to give them joy that they were able to get away with that and we didn’t even know. They wanted to be free and to rebel I guess.

IMG_4310 Cellphone 2015 797

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After breakfast they did some singing, played in the snow, went out for lunch, went ice skating and then off to Starbucks for some hot chocolate. As I was waiting for my latte, I looked back at these two little beauties sitting and sipping their hot chocolate and just being silly kids. I could picture them all grown up and out for coffee together. I realize just how fast that can happen. I feel privilidged to spend time with them because I know that one day soon they won’t want me around. These beautiful little people are given to us for a short while to guide, nurture and love. Before we know it, they will fly off and begin their own journey in life.

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In the meantime I feel very fortunate to be apart of my daughter’s day to day life and to witness her growth and all her firsts. Life is so much more beautiful with my little love. The one thing I have learned and try to practice is not to get lost in the chaos of everyday life. Stop, be in the present and be grateful for every second of this beautiful life with my loved ones.

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