Braving Through Broken Bones


Being a parent is the most important job I’ve ever held. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s the most difficult job on earth and the most rewarding. What has really surprised me during the nine years I have become a mother is how much I have learned from my child. She has an amazing old soul and a heart of gold. Her compassion and love of family is something we have in common. The strength that she possess is one the I marvel at.

“She is an amazing little girl.” That is something I’ve heard from so many people who encounter my daughter. Recently these exact words was uttered by an emergency room doctor about my daughter.


She was in dance class when she fell and broke her arm. I don’t even know how I got to the class after that awful phone call. When I got there my daughter had a look of panic on her face. Her left arm looked like something out of a horror movie. It was apparent that it was broken pretty badly, yet my girl did not cry. As I frantically drove her to the ER I told her it was going to be OK and that it was alright to cry. “Mommy, crying about it won’t make it better”, was her response.  Once at the hospital she started to really complain that it was unbearably painful but still no tears.


They took an x-ray of her arm and saw that it was broken in three places…..they had to reset it. That is when I almost fainted. I had to be strong for my baby. My husband got to the hospital just in time for them to do the reset without any sedatives. She went through the agony of her bones being reset. There was no screaming or crying. I guess I looked like I was going to faint so I was kicked out of the room. My husband had tears in his eyes as he recounted hearing our little ones bones cracking as the doctor was adjusting them. He couldn’t believe that she was not screaming in pain. Her little body shook and her eyes were almost going to the back of her head but she remained silent. The medical staff was coming into her room to meet the little brave girl. The doctor was speechless. He said “I’ve had adults screaming like babies during the procedure that your daughter had to endure.” Our amazing little girl.


The next day we took her to an orthopedic surgeon who put her in a cast and manipulated her bones again. This was the second time she had to deal with her little bones being reset and she remained strong. My daughter is just like my mother, going through pain without disturbing others. That doesn’t mean they don’t feel the immense pain. Just because they are strong does not negate their suffering. Their inner strength inspires me to find strength in parts of me that is weak.

4244cd6557a08aac30f3373b0b37ff77I am inspired to enjoy life more, to fight the days when melancholy takes over. To be strong when my heart breaks because a beloved friend is fighting for her life, another battling depression and loss. I find strength to be a better mother, to be stronger when I lose my patience. To work harder to achieve my goal of helping others. To make a difference in the world. All because of my daughter and my mothers’ strength.


I hope you find someone who will inspire you to be stronger or be the one that can inspire someone else.

To my friends whom I love yet cannot name, I ask you to look at your children and the way they look up to you. You are their role model. Find strength in their love. Loving and respecting yourself is the best way for you to show them how they can do the same. You are the only mother they have and the only one they will ever want. Let them inspire you to live. I love you.

To my beautiful daughter, you inspire me every day of my life. You are so special and amazing. I am humbled to be your mom. Maybe someday I can be as strong as you.For now I will persevere and be the best mother that I can be. And to my mother, thank you for your strength and love and for always believing in me. You are my biggest inspiration. I love you.

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