Dear sissies (and anybody else that hasn’t been told this) 

Be yourself! A great message for our girls!

Freckled Face

An open letter to my sisters, and to all the other girls out there that need to hear this:

Ok, I know, I’m only 17. I’m in high school. I’m not that much older than you. What do I know, anyways?!

Just trust me. Maybe my advice will be useful to you. 😜

I was driving to school this morning listening to the conversation between my sister and her two freshmen friends that I drive in the morning, and I was thinking about the world that we live in: the expectations we face as girls, the gossip and the drama that we feel the need to participate in, the people around us that are our friends but maybe don’t really understand us.

Believe me, there are so many good, really sweet girls out there, that just aren’t like me, or you, or her, or any one girl in particular.


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