Flying Free


My sister just had a birthday and every year she pushes herself to do something daring and new. This year we gifted her a few minutes of free flying at IFLY. It’s a place which gives you the opportunity to skydive indoors! It’s much safer than jumping out of plane and lots of people go to IFLY to develop skills that usually require jumping from a plane. Either way it’s where the dream of flight becomes a reality.

img_4868img_4623Indoor skydiving happens with the simulation of true free fall conditions in a vertical wind tunnel. It’s bodyflight, one of the most exciting growing sports in the world. Of course we couldn’t just let my sister go by herself so my 10 year-old little adventurer volunteered to experience it with her aunt.





They both took a quick class on how to position their bodies while in flight. They got a great little outfit, a helmet and off they went! They patiently waited to take their turn in the tunnel. As they waited they got to see lots of people being thrashed around trying to fly. Some did great, others not so much. I could tell they were both kind of nervous and excited.


When it was their turn, they did not hesitate, they bit the bullet and jumped right in. I was pleasantly surprised that both my girls flew wonderfully.img_4810


In the end the experience was new, fun and great bonding for both aunt and niece. Both are amazing people, always ready for adventure. Both are strong, brave and daring. Both are my hero’s.

img_4925It’s always nice to expose our children to new and wonderful experiences, especially ones that will help them bond with family. My sister is a wonderful role model to my child. She is a strong, intelligent, loving and independent woman with a heart of gold. She is one of the many family members I am fortunate to have in her life. With role models like her my daughter will soar high in her life.


Thanks sis, I hope this year brings you all that you desire.

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