Little girls of summer

Summer is here and kids are looking to dress light and comfortable. Here are two little girls that are doing exactly that! My daughter Sophia’s BFF Brooklyn is wearing a great little tank dress with white, light pink and dark pink ruffles on the skirt. She has a sweet little pink flower as an accent on the top portion of the dress. Sophia has paired a patriotic tank with the appropriate jean shorts for an all American look. Notice that I mention that it’s an “appropriate” pair of jean shorts.

I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend lately. Lots of young girls and some young women are donning very short shorts. They are so short and tight that nothing is left to the imagination. The first couple of times I noticed this look I thought it was random….but it seems to be a trend that is being sported by the average girl. You can spot them at the malls, on the streets of every neighborhood and even at schools. This is a trend I would love to squash! The feminist in me is outraged that once again fashion designers are objectifying women! That being said I don’t understand how these teenage girls are walking out of their homes in little sexy hot pants! Why are their parents allowing them to dress this way? What does it say about our society when little girls are dressed so provocatively? How does it make them feel about themselves? It scares me when scantly clad girls in music videos and celebrities like Miley Cyrus have more influence on our girls then we do. My child is very young so I’m able to make sure that she isn’t exposed to music videos but she still notices all the girls wearing these very short shorts! Call me old fashioned but little girls should dress like little girls.
Unfortunately it’s hard to find sweet little outfits for my daughter. I have to go out of my way to find clothes that are appropriate. I also avoid very trendy looks like skulls on everything and high heels. Yes, they make them for kids. I want my little girl to enjoy being young, innocent and sweet for as long as I can. I also want her to respect her body and never allow herself to be objectified.
How do you feel about the new barely there shorts? Sound off and let me know.

5 thoughts on “Little girls of summer

  1. Amen sister! My daughter has two pairs of shorts this summer. I actually sniped the stiches and unrolled the cuffs. I said to a woman in the store “How can they make these for 6 years olds?” Her answer “It’s worse that they are making them for teenagers!” Point taken. We are working the “maxi dress” this summer!

  2. Ok so you told me mommy that you wanted to stop your blog . And this was the last blog that you wanted to do. And that made me sad . Because you’ve done a great job and should not stop.i love you and want the best for you. Love your loving sophia.

  3. I totally agree!! We should think about how we dress and how our children dress for so many reasons. As a woman it’s great to feel pretty and be admired for how you look but it shouldn’t define you. Women tend to put too much emphasis on the external. We are so much more than what we look like and what we wear. We need to teach girls from a very early age how beautiful they are on the inside and let that beauty shine from the inside out. We should not depend on compliments as an indicator of how beautiful we are. That being said, clothes, which are an expression of who we are can say a lot about how you feel about yourself. When you dress well you feel good, you let the world see you; when you dress in skimpy clothes…what is the message you are sending out?

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