Tea Party

9 year old Tea party celebration 158

My little girl asked me to create a beautiful tea party for her 9th birthday. She said, “mommy, I just want a few of my friends and I want it in the backyard.” How can I refuse?


Leading up to the party required lots of planning, creating and togetherness for my daughter and I. She chose seven of her closest friends. She is very aware of mean girls and girls who talk negatively about one another. She wanted to make sure the girls at her party were ones that really cared for her and were kind to her. She is by nature the most sensitive and kindest human being I have ever encountered. I know it’s got a lot to do with her dad. He is also a gentle soul. I would like to say that I am kind as well but I admittedly have a very tough side to me. I kind of wish that my daughter was a little less sensitive and sweet. I would like to teach her to stand up for herself a bit more. It’s something I will continue to work at. Still, I never want her to lose her sweetness.

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9 year old Tea party celebration 071

She decided that all the girls should come in wearing party dresses, jewelry and their imaginations! I thought it was a brilliant idea. 9 year old Tea party celebration 120 9 year old Tea party celebration 114

9 year old Tea party celebration 157

Sophia got right on her laptop and started looking for great decoration ideas and recipes. We decided on oreo lollipops, cones filled with pudding made to look like little tea cups, marshmallow ballerinas along with ice cream cake for dessert. We planned on sandwiches, chips and dips and lots of other delicious extras.

9 year old Tea party celebration 1179 year old Tea party celebration 137

We filled mason jars with some lovely, colorful bubble gum to give as party favors.9 year old Tea party celebration 124

We are lucky enough to know two older girls who we love and spend lots of time with. They made the party even more amazing by providing all the fun activities for the younger girls. Thank you Samantha and Christina! You two are amazing and will make great party entertainers for lots of children. 9 year old Tea party celebration 059 9 year old Tea party celebration 048


Needless to say the party was a successl! The weather was perfect. The girls were dressed like lovely little ladies, enjoying the atmosphere and of course all that sugar. My apologies to the parents!

9 year old Tea party celebration 111

9 year old Tea party celebration 0939 year old Tea party celebration 027 9 year old Tea party celebration 047 9 year old Tea party celebration 126

Despite all the work, I got a chance to spend time with some of my dearest friends and family. Most importantly, I got the chance to put a smile on the faces of some precious little girls! They grow so fast so I’ll enjoy all the tea parties I can get for now.

9 year old Tea party celebration 054

I love you Sophia.



Picture Perfect.

I’m a writer with a lot of creative hobbies including photography. I think the best description I can give you of myself is that I am a creative person with a love for style, design, art and photography. I’m a storyteller by nature. Even when I’m taking pictures, I like to create a story.  I mainly love taking pictures of my beautiful child and other children in my life. My own childhood was a time filled with family, love and travel. In a blink of an eye I went from being a little girl to an adult with real life responsibilities. I try very hard to stop, pause and live in the present with my child. It feels like the years are flying by so I have the urge to capture every second of it. That’s where my photography comes in. Every year I try to take special pictures of my Sophia and my nephews. To really look at them and enjoy and capture them at each year of their lives. Some of my friends love the pictures I take and have asked me to take pictures of their children. I enjoy it so much that I’ve even thought about doing it part time. I just may, we’ll see.

Recently my neighbor asked me to take some pictures of her girls. They are the sweetest, loveliest little girls. Both Sophia and I adore them. So we headed out to the park for some whimsical, magical pictures of these beautiful little girls and a few of my gal.

When I take pictures, I think about the background and I only like taking photos outdoors. It always has to be in a serene beautiful place. I style the girls the way I feel would enhance the location and the theme of the pictures. I think about hair, clothes and even shoes or the lack of! I often have some props. Usually it’s as simple as a change of a coat or a hat. This time I dragged a big old mirror and a teddy bear as my prop.

Here are my pictures…enjoy.


IMG_1966IMG_2129 IMG_2001 IMG_2035 IMG_2059 IMG_2070 IMG_2093 IMG_2126 IMG_2260 IMG_2298 IMG_2369 IMG_2451 IMG_2469 IMG_2500 IMG_1976 IMG_1985 IMG_2151 IMG_2362 IMG_1994 IMG_2370 IMG_2400 IMG_2444

I would love your input, so tell me what you think of my pictures.  Now make sure that every once in a while you capture the beautiful moments of your life.

Little girls of summer

Summer is here and kids are looking to dress light and comfortable. Here are two little girls that are doing exactly that! My daughter Sophia’s BFF Brooklyn is wearing a great little tank dress with white, light pink and dark pink ruffles on the skirt. She has a sweet little pink flower as an accent on the top portion of the dress. Sophia has paired a patriotic tank with the appropriate jean shorts for an all American look. Notice that I mention that it’s an “appropriate” pair of jean shorts.

I’ve been noticing a disturbing trend lately. Lots of young girls and some young women are donning very short shorts. They are so short and tight that nothing is left to the imagination. The first couple of times I noticed this look I thought it was random….but it seems to be a trend that is being sported by the average girl. You can spot them at the malls, on the streets of every neighborhood and even at schools. This is a trend I would love to squash! The feminist in me is outraged that once again fashion designers are objectifying women! That being said I don’t understand how these teenage girls are walking out of their homes in little sexy hot pants! Why are their parents allowing them to dress this way? What does it say about our society when little girls are dressed so provocatively? How does it make them feel about themselves? It scares me when scantly clad girls in music videos and celebrities like Miley Cyrus have more influence on our girls then we do. My child is very young so I’m able to make sure that she isn’t exposed to music videos but she still notices all the girls wearing these very short shorts! Call me old fashioned but little girls should dress like little girls.
Unfortunately it’s hard to find sweet little outfits for my daughter. I have to go out of my way to find clothes that are appropriate. I also avoid very trendy looks like skulls on everything and high heels. Yes, they make them for kids. I want my little girl to enjoy being young, innocent and sweet for as long as I can. I also want her to respect her body and never allow herself to be objectified.
How do you feel about the new barely there shorts? Sound off and let me know.