Picture Perfect.

I’m a writer with a lot of creative hobbies including photography. I think the best description I can give you of myself is that I am a creative person with a love for style, design, art and photography. I’m a storyteller by nature. Even when I’m taking pictures, I like to create a story.  I mainly love taking pictures of my beautiful child and other children in my life. My own childhood was a time filled with family, love and travel. In a blink of an eye I went from being a little girl to an adult with real life responsibilities. I try very hard to stop, pause and live in the present with my child. It feels like the years are flying by so I have the urge to capture every second of it. That’s where my photography comes in. Every year I try to take special pictures of my Sophia and my nephews. To really look at them and enjoy and capture them at each year of their lives. Some of my friends love the pictures I take and have asked me to take pictures of their children. I enjoy it so much that I’ve even thought about doing it part time. I just may, we’ll see.

Recently my neighbor asked me to take some pictures of her girls. They are the sweetest, loveliest little girls. Both Sophia and I adore them. So we headed out to the park for some whimsical, magical pictures of these beautiful little girls and a few of my gal.

When I take pictures, I think about the background and I only like taking photos outdoors. It always has to be in a serene beautiful place. I style the girls the way I feel would enhance the location and the theme of the pictures. I think about hair, clothes and even shoes or the lack of! I often have some props. Usually it’s as simple as a change of a coat or a hat. This time I dragged a big old mirror and a teddy bear as my prop.

Here are my pictures…enjoy.


IMG_1966IMG_2129 IMG_2001 IMG_2035 IMG_2059 IMG_2070 IMG_2093 IMG_2126 IMG_2260 IMG_2298 IMG_2369 IMG_2451 IMG_2469 IMG_2500 IMG_1976 IMG_1985 IMG_2151 IMG_2362 IMG_1994 IMG_2370 IMG_2400 IMG_2444

I would love your input, so tell me what you think of my pictures.  Now make sure that every once in a while you capture the beautiful moments of your life.

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