Tender Heart

The heart is the most delicate part of our anatomy and yet it has the most awesome power. It pumps blood throughout our entire body and nourishes our muscles. It endures a lot and yet it’s so delicate that once it is pierced it can easily be destroyed. When we are in love we feel with our hearts. Poets and songwriters have written about the heart. There is an entire day dedicated to the heart. I call my husband my sweetheart because the love I have for him comes from my heart. It is from the heart where sweetness of every sweet thing is derived.


As a mother I feel my heart soar out of my body when I look at my child. My love for her is the reflection of the pure heart. I put my everything in raising her to be someone who cherishes the love she has been given. She has learned to handle the hearts of her loved ones with compassion, patience and kindness. I hope that the people she loves do the same for her. Our hearts are soft, fragile and enduring. I try to keep that in mind when I handle those I love and when I speak to people that pass through my life.
I would never want to be the one that breaks the heart of someone I love. The next time you speak to your loved ones make sure you shield their heart, because a broken heart is hard to mend, if ever.

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