Relax with what you love



We all need time to unwind, relax and refresh. In my family we have lots of different ways to do that. Sometimes we just relax and watch a movie together. Sometimes we play games, read, workout or create. By creating I mean writing, knitting, making jewelry (that’s my daughter’s looming skills) or we sketch and paint.

Cell phone pictures 1690My eight year old is already quite the little artist! We both share the same amazing art teacher who inspires our love of art. Sophia takes her time when it comes to choosing what she will create. She usually looks through pinterest or a book of art to choose her subject. Once she finds it, she relaxes and paints. It takes a couple of weeks but the end result is always amazing.

10845999_759160677486389_4747693896230468124_n (1)IMG_4113

Most importantly, the creative process is one of happiness, relaxation and according to her lots of fun.



Find your way of relaxation, breathe, take in the beauty of a crisp new day. Pay attention to all the blessings in your life. Give thanks, say a small prayer. Keep this practice going every day if you can. Whenever we do something repeatedly we create a habit. Over time this will bring you peace and fill you up. You will find that you are a much happier person.

I hope you find your way to gratitude and happiness.




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